My name is Lisa and I am a Domestic Violence survivor who once believed the only way out of my relationship was in a body bag.

Lisa’s Sanctuary was born out of my own desire to create awareness of Domestic Violence, why women stay and how to begin the healing process. My vision is to educate people on the signs and complexities of DV and why women stay as well as to empower survivors to begin their healing process and find their self worth, value, inner strength and courage.

My blog includes posts about DV issues, healing, self care, setting intentions, manifesting and creating your best life. I aim to provide valuable information of the signs of DV and anything which I feel may support someone in their own healing journey.

My self published book called ‘Why I Stayed’ was written 5 years after I separated. I was asked the question ‘Why didn’t you just leave?’ so many times that I wanted to explain why women stay in violent and controlling relationships longer than they should or why some never manage to leave.

You can read it by clicking on the Buy Now tab.