Mindfulness for little ones

Mindfulness for little ones

Self care and self love is so important….but it’s not a topic regularly discussed or taught as we’re growing up. It should be taught right alongside literacy and numeracy when our brains are sponges and more willing to hold the concept. I’m an Early Childhood Educator in my other world and today I did a brief mindfulness session with my preschoolers. I explained that our angry, sad and anxious feelings are valid and it’s ok to feel them but we can do a few little exercises to relieve the severity and duration. We practised deep breaths by putting a hand on our tummy’s to feel the breath going in and out and I taught them the Starfish. Here my sweet little Miss (with permission from Mum) demonstrates the Starfish by holding up 5 outstretched fingers and traces the shape of her fingers with the index finger on her other hand. Great little calm easy grounding exercise for stressed and overwhelmed littlies.
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