What is a Life Coach and why you’d benefit from seeing one.

What is a Life Coach and why you’d benefit from seeing one.

Utilising a Life Coach is becoming more mainstream as we start to embrace the support they offer. But what is a Life Coach exactly? A Life Coach can help you to identity your roadblocks, prioritise the important things, empower you to discover and implement solutions and assist you to improve your personal and professional life.
A Life Coach helps you become the best version of you!

Tony Robbins says that “unlike a therapist, a coach will not focus on your past, but your future, and he or she will help you break through any barriers keeping you from a life of fulfillment”.

You are the expert on your life so a Life Coach won’t make decisions for you or offer the solutions to you but rather encourage and empower you to make improvements in your life and motivate you to achieve your goals.

Life Coaches can assist in both your personal and professional life by assisting with better organisation, improved decision skills and even boosted confidence. Whatever it is is you want to achieve, your coach will be there to support and encourage you all the way til the end.

I can help you achieve your goal or if you don’t have one yet, I can help you set a goal and then achieve it. Email lifecoach@lisassanctuary.com.au to discuss how I can help you



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