Why I Stayed and where to buy it

Why I Stayed and where to buy it

True story of a Domestic Violence relationship. I once believed the only way I’d get out of my relationship was in a body bag. I wrote this book to assist my healing and to answer the question I was asked most often “Why did you stay for so long?” I hope to create awareness of abusive relationships by telling my story of how it began, why I stayed for as long as I did and what I had to do to start the healing process. It is my vision to educate some and give hope to others. This is proof that there is life after Domestic Violence

Here are some direct links or there’s an option to buy direct from me if you’re in Australia – no additional postage costs, no waiting times.




Or if you’re in Australia you can buy direct from me for AUD$15 and I’ll post it same day to you


Thank you for supporting the awareness of DV and empowerment for life after.

What is an intention and how do you set one?

What is an intention and how do you set one?

An intention is how you want to feel for the day. It is identifying the outcome you want to experience in a particular situation or circumstance. It is projecting how it will pan out.

You can set an intention at any point of the day. I like to set an intention in the morning while I’m in the shower. Usually my intention involves having a great day or feeling wonderful as I move throughout my day. Yesterday morning I set an intention for a particular outcome and I’m pleased that I got it.

A few months ago I had a wisdom tooth extracted. It was the first tooth I’ve had removed and the first major dental work I’ve had done. It was a particular traumatic experience. The tooth was stubborn and took around an hour to remove which meant my entire jaw, gums and teeth were sore due to the pressure and pulling and tugging. It resulted in nerve damage which caused other issues including a numb lip for around a month. I spent the following 4 days in bed, not moving, with painkillers doing very little. It was an 8 week recovery and I feel I lost a lot of time and energy.

Another wisdom tooth has been causing me pain and grief and I have tried to put it off for as long as I could due to my previous experience. I bit the bullet, booked an appointment and on that morning I stood in the shower with the water washing over me. I centred myself, took a few deep breaths in to calm myself and bring peace. And then I made my intention.

“I intend for my wisdom tooth extraction to go well today. The tooth will pop out effortlessly, with minimal pain and a short recovery. What a great experience it is.”

And I got it. It did take a little longer to remove than a standard extraction (stubborn teeth of mine) but it was drastically less traumatic than my first experience. A little sore and swollen which is to be expected but I haven’t been confined to bed, dosing myself up on painkillers and struggling to function.

I love intentions.

What intentions do you like to set for the day?