Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Goal setting begins with something you want to achieve. Do you want to land a new job? Do you want to finish your course? Save a specific amount of money? Learn a new skill? Complete an thrill seeking adventure? Go on a holiday? Buy a new car?

Whatever it is, you need to write it down!! I cannot stress that enough. There is something very powerful that happens in your mind when you see your goal in your own handwriting. And again, write it down, in your own handwriting and put it where you will see it regularly. Stick it to your bedroom mirror, on the back of the toilet door, in your car. You need to see it.

Follow the SMART principles to create a realistic goal that you will be motivated to achieve.

Is it specific?
Goals like I want a new car or lots of money aren’t specific enough. Which car do you want to buy? How much money do you want to earn? What industry do you want a new job in? What is the skill you want to learn? Make it specific and also consider your why factor. You’ll be much more motivated to achieve a goal if you attach a why statement to it such as I want to quit smoking to improve my breathing ability and health.

Is it measurable?
It’s not enough to set a goal like I want to be happy or successful because it’s hard to measure when you get there. Setting a goal like I want to add 10 clients to my business in the next 12 months is measureable because when you hit that 10th client, you’ll be there.
Your goal should also be something meaningful because you’ll be more motivated to achieve it. Goals to do with health are usually more meaningful especially if you’ve had a health scare.

Is it attainable?
Your goal should be realistic and achievable. I want to earn $100,000 in the next week may not be realistic if you’re unemployed or on a fixed income, that’s more of a wish, but I want to earn $100,000 in 5 years time due to promotions and increased sales is a more realistic goal.

Is it relevant?
Is it something you can manage to achieve in your current lifestyle? A goal of I want to become a best selling author won’t be relevant if you hate writing. Just as I want to travel the world on my own may not quite work if you have a young family.

Is there a time frame?
Goals are much more achievable if you set a time frame for them. A goal of I want to visit Italy by 2019 is more motivating than I want to travel the world at some point in my future. Put a time limit on it to push you towards getting there.

Remember that your goals are not just about the destination but the fun along the way, the lessons learned and the person you grow into on your journey.

What’s your goal?

Finding Your Purpose

Finding Your Purpose

It’s what we all want to find isn’t it? What is my purpose? What am I here to do?
It’s definitely something I ponder regularly and I feel like I’ve gotten a lot closer over the last few years.

My purpose revolves around helping people. I began a degree in Community Development with the intention of entering welfare and social work related employment. While studying, I have been an Early Childhood Educator for a number of years with the idea that I would enter into casework and/or Child Protection.

Then something in me changed and I wanted to explore Law. It’s interesting and I intend to finish my Associate Degree in Legal Studies but it’s ultimately not the industry I want to end up in anymore.

So I formalised my love of massage and healing and began offering relaxation and remedial massages. I grew up playing sports with a like minded father who taught me the importance of seeing medical professionals when my body was in pain and injured.
In a way I was a self taught amateur massage therapist and I used my intuition and self-taught knowledge to identify muscle issues and problems and work to treat them.
I have been described as having ‘magic hands’ because I just know and feel what I’m doing.

Recently, I completed a certificate in Life Coaching (having previously completed introductory modules of counselling which I loved) which gave me new purpose to inspire and motivate people. I am am a very motivated person, often described as a do-er, a go getter, a goal oriented person. It’s who I am to my core.

I have a special interest in sports massage for young athletes where I not only massage for injury prevention and recovery but develop their mindset as well. I discuss body image and empowerment, adequate water intake, the benefits of stretching, the importance of training, visualisation and how essential it is to train your mind as well as your body. Performance and achievement is mental as well as physical. And I like to focus on that.

Which brings me to why I have taken a special interest in young athletes. I want to inspire and motivate people to become the best version of themselves. In business you are encouraged to find your niche, find your target market and create a solution for their problems, to find your purpose. And I think I’ve found it. It requires more refining and research but I’m going to start dabbling in motivational speaking.

Lisa’s Sanctuary was named to reflect a safe space to receive a massage. A place where you didn’t have to be uncomfortable, where if you had a toddler present I would make that work, where if you wanted to vent and talk you were more than welcome to, where self love and self care was highly encouraged and massage celebrated as something you and your body deserved. Lisa’s Sanctuary will now also become a safe space to become the best version of you. It will incorporate the physical act of massage but also the mental stimulation of Life Coaching, motivational speaking, setting your goals and achieving them, identifying your blocks and overcoming them. Become the best version of you.

So what is your purpose? What are you here to do? What makes you happy? What would continue to do if money ceased to exist? What feeds your soul?
I’d love to hear your thoughts.